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Our approach 

We are firmly of the belief that the finance department is there to help the organisation as a whole work more effectively. Everything we do has to meet that objective - or we don't do it! 

This means working as part of your team, understanding what your charity seeks to achieve and how it goes about it. We speak your language - not accounting jargon - and we make financial information understandable to everyone.

We know how hard it can be to run a small charity and we are there to help, advise, counsel and support. We are not just accountants! We are Charity Accountants plus...! In everything we do, everything we say, we put the interests of your charity first.

Because we do not have heavy overheads our fees are usually significantly lower than others might charge. We do not have a fixed priced list, preferring to base our fees on the circumstances of the charity and the nature of the work we do for it. We charge on the basis of value added, not time taken.

The first step is a non-chargeable preliminary meeting with you to get to know each other and explore your charity's needs. Then, together, we'll decide where to go from there.

We are qualified, very experienced accountants who have worked in the charity sector for many years.

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