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“A charity can only succeed in meeting its aims if it manages its money properly. This means it has to plan and monitor its income and outgoings so that it can meet its short, medium and long term aims. A charity's operational or strategic plan will set out what policies, strategies and actions will be needed to do this. Careful money management will also protect a charity's funds from misuse.” The Charity Commission

Sound financial management is at the heart of any successful charity. This means:

> keeping accurate and up-to-date records
> planning the use of its resources
> monitoring the use of resources against the plan
> identifying and managing risks
> making sure cash is available when needed
> compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements

Your finance department should be there to ensure that all of the above is done effectively.

Many small charities, however, simply do not have the funds to spare for a full time, fully skilled internal finance department.

That is where Charity Accountants plus… can help. We can supply all the skills you need… and when you need them! We can either complement your existing staff or provide a complete accounts department service. From bookkeeper to Finance Director, we are there to support you.

Based in south west London, we operate in the surrounding areas.

Contact us for an initial exploratory chat and let’s see how we can help you to help others.

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